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A New Cookbook by Yours Truly

I've finally finished my second cookbook. I thought it was just what the world needed. After all, a search on Amazon for cookbooks only turns up 46,829 results. If I bother to get an ISBN number, there will be 46,830.

The book is called "Get This Cookbook First: It Has All the Kitchen Stuff Your Mom Tried to Teach You." Why this book? Well, as I explain in the introduction:

It’s been rumored that while people in their 20s and 30s appreciate good food, they haven’t the foggiest idea of how to cook it. I disagree. They do have the foggiest idea. That’s the problem. They never really paid attention to what Mom or Dad did in the kitchen—if Mom and Dad did anything at all.

It will teach you how to cook things you can eat. It won’t make you trendy. It won’t introduce you to food exotica or fusion cooking. But it will give you the skills you need to put together a meal that will leave your guests smiling in contentment.

Cooking and eating together is making a comeback, especiall…

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